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Why the Legalization of Gay Marriage Doesn’t Matter – A Christian Perspective

February 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Homosexuality is a sin. If you believe the Bible is actually true, than you believe that Homosexuality is a sin. I believe it is a sin.

When a state legalizes Gay Marriage, it is society’s stamp of approval on something God calls a sin. That is disturbing, without question. But is there a single Christian out there who didn’t already know that society at large completely embraces homosexuality? Regardless of the fact that our laws here in AZ forbid gay marriage, in general, homosexuality is embraced as a perfectly legitimate lifestyle. The legalization of marriage for gay couples does not change anything, it simply indicates what was already present in the psyche of the people.

Abortion is legal. It is legal to drink till you pass out (so long as you are doing it at home). It’s legal to cheat on your spouse, or to have sex before marriage. All of these things we also acknowledge as sin, and yet our laws are permissive of these, and many others.

Here’s my point. Christians have a sad tendency (especially around election time) to believe that the political process is the end-all, and the primary means by which God will transform the world – it isn’t. Many Christians seem to believe that if we can just get the right person into office (or out of office) then all our problems will be solved – they won’t. We believe that if we get the right laws passed, or the right ones overturned, then our country will be more “Christian” – this is foolishness.

I’m all for voting. I’m all for making my opinions and beliefs known through the ballot. But my faith is not in the ballot box, or in some law being passed or overturned, or in any person in political office.

The Gospel made its entrance into the world during a time of intense political oppression and persecution. Nothing about the government of that day was amenable to the Gospel. Yet the Gospel flourished, “And more than ever believers were added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women” (Acts 5: 14). The early disciples did not need the government on their side for the kingdom of God to advance. In fact, history has proven that the kingdom advances to a far greater degree under persecution than in times when Church and Government are on happier terms.

Many argue that the passage of laws such as those legalizing same-sex marriage, is an indication that our country is headed in the wrong direction. Again, does this actually come as a surprise to you? Such laws are simply indicators of a greater, deeper, more profound spiritual sickness. Changing a law does not change the ultimate spiritual condition of a nation. These laws are simply hydra-heads (pardon the obscure reference), which if defeated simply strengthen the resolve of those who demand them. The only hope for this nation is Jesus Christ – not Obama, not Ron Paul nor any other candidate.

Church, we need to recognize that the Gospel is ultimately for the individual, not the nation. If the nation is to be changed, it will happen because individuals are transformed by the miracle of being born-again, not by the passage of the perfect law or the election of the perfect president. Revelation 11:15 says, “…The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever.” We are ultimately looking forward to a day, not when our worldly governments are perfected, but when they are surrendered to the already perfect kingdom of Christ. Thus, our efforts in this world are best spent conforming ourselves to His perfect reign, not in trying desperately to fix an unfixable system.

//end rant

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Let God be True

February 11, 2012 1 comment

“…Let God be true though every one were a liar…”
Romans 3:4

This is a verse that has meant something to me for a while now.  It’s a verse we all need to contemplate quite a bit. The theological implications of this are profound, and the practical implications are even more so.

“Let God be true.”

This is a principle we need to start embracing in our lives: let God be true. The fact of the matter is that God is true; every word He speaks and every act He performs is true. In fact, God is the full embodiment of truth – He defines truth! Look at Titus 1:2, it tells us that God cannot lie. Look at Numbers 23:19, it tells us that God is unlike man in that He doesn’t lie, or change His mind, but performs everything He has spoken.

But sometimes the fact of God’s utter truthfulness is lost on us. We somehow seem to forget it, or we ignore it. Regardless, we hold God’s Word in one hand and our best guess in the other and, like a scale of weights, we determine which one we think is more true. It is sadly typical that whenever we come to that place, we wrongly determine that our own way is better. The simple act of weighing the two shows we have already started down the wrong path. Let God be true.

“Let God be true though everyone were a liar.”

The second part of this verse is as important as the first. It is not saying that everyone is necessarily a liar when placed next to God. It is saying that if every single person on earth stopped trusting in God; if every voice were a voice of opposition against the Word of God, so be it. Let God be true. It is a statement of utter faith in the truthfulness of God’s Word. If I remain as the last person alive still trusting in the Word of God, I will still trust.

But let’s change the scenery a little bit. Forget about the people around you and concentrate for just a second on your circumstances. What are they saying? Do your circumstances agree with the Word of God? Do they encourage you to trust God, or to turn away? Even when your circumstances make it look like God is not in control, even when they seem to tell you that God’s Word is not true, you need to declare that God is true and all your circumstances are lies. Yet we often get that backwards, don’t we? We see our circumstances as true, and God as the liar.

Amazingly, this is precisely the intent of this verse – to remind us that no matter the circumstances, we must trust in God. The context is speaking about how the Israelites were often unfaithful to God, even though God had promised to bless them and protect them. Paul asks this (somewhat) rhetorical question in Romans 3:3,”What if some were unfaithful? Does their faithlessness nullify the faithfulness of God?” The faithlessness of Israel made them vulnerable to all sorts of evil. But they rarely saw it that way. When evil would come, they would malign God for allowing so many bad things to happen to them. We do the same thing. We sin, we go our own way, we rely on our own wisdom, and when it all comes crashing down we get upset at God as if He orchestrated the whole thing. Do the results of our unfaithfulness mean that God is not faithful? No way! Let God be true though everyone were a liar.

Then some of us have more legitimate hardships and trial – those not caused by our own wanderings. These are often the most difficult, since there are often few, if any, answers to be found. Yet the principle remains. Let God be true. No matter what you are facing, let God be true. No matter what battles may be raging around you, let God be true. No matter what other people or circumstances are telling you, let God be true.

Be blessed.

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